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You started with a crazy dream and look at you now. You’ve made it. You’ve got an established business and getting paid to do what you love.

You deserve a website as awesome as you. 

You’ve been workin’ 24 / 7 / 365 to get your business up and going. 
You’ve built it from the ground up and you’re an expert in your field.


Does your website reflect that?

Your website can determine how many people find your business and whether or not they become paying customers, so don’t trust something this important to some half-wit when you can get personal attention from an expert web designer who truly cares about your success.

Work directly with me for a no BS partnership and top-of-the-line web design services.

No BS Pricing

One of the worst parts of getting a website is figuring out how much it’s going to cost. Now, if you have special needs or you’re a big company trying to reach the world you may need to hire a design house with a team of developers working on your website.

But, if you’re like me, a small business owner with limited budget and time, you’re just looking for a professional website that attracts and converts visitors that won’t break your bank.

Of course, when you visit a web designers website you can find out everything EXCEPT how much.

I’ve been building Joomla!® websites for 16 years. I know how long it takes to finish most small to medium sized business websites. That’s why I’ve listed my prices below.

The first page is where most of the work is done like setting up the account, configuring Joomla!®, and customizing the template, so that’s the base price, more or less. Then, depending how big of a site you want and your budget, we can scale your project to fit your needs.

First page - $600

  • Set-up account
  • Configure Joomla
  • Install extensions
  • Configure extensions
  • Social media integration
  • Set-up Google Analytics
  • Install SSL certificate*
  • Customize template
  • Create content
  • Gather / edit images
  • On-page SEO

Each additional page - $120

  • Layout page
  • Create content
  • Gather / edit images
  • Configure extensions*
  • On-page SEO
  • Create menu item


  • Simple contact form
  • Photo gallery (optional)
  • 1 video embed (optional)
  • Social media integration
  • Google Analytics
  • 1st year hosting
  • 1st year domain name registration

Recurring annually after 1st year:

  • Hosting - $240*
  • Domain name renewal - $25*
  • SSL certificate renewal - $60*


  • Custom contact form - $160
  • Calendar - $80
  • Additional photo gallery - $40
  • Additional videos - $20 each
  • Store/dealer locator - $160
  • SSL certificate install - $80
  • E-commerce package - $800**

* If applicable
**Does not include cost of shopping cart extension



The second build for this client, they handle all aspects of automotive maintenance and repair. This site is responsive and easy to navigate.

Unique Auto Body
This auto body shop needed a clean, professional web presence that displayed great on mobile. This site is sleek and fast and gets them customers.

Mid-Mo Property Management
The second website for this client that needed to list available properties, their amenities, and maps quickly. This CMS site gives them complete control.
First build for Holman, this site just needed to be attractive and easily found. We delivered on both points, as our sites are all search engine friendly and loved by Google.
Heritage Ranch
Second build for this beautiful wedding and event venue. Includes a vendor map and contact form with map on every page to make this out-of-the-way spot easier to find.
Parkhurst Manufacturing Company, Inc.
This is the 3rd build for this client. Needed a dealer locator map, as they have almost 200 in North America. We also installed an e-commerce extension to sell their t-shirts and hats. 
Tax Pro
CPA firm that needed to have their information easily accessible. They also provide several tax forms that can be downloaded from the site. This is their 3rd site.
The fourth website for Wenig. They need a site to showcase finished gunstocks and galleries to display the many special types of wood they carry.
Wildlife Ridge Winery
Simple site to showcase their wines and their little piece of heaven on earth in the countryside of mid-Missouri. We also have a convenient map to find their retail outlets.
Solutions 4 Fundraising
The third build for this client, they handle all aspects of non-profit fundraising for organizations across the country.

This is website number 2 for the foundation. This site requires frequent updates, pictures changed, file downloads, and e-commerce. Joomla!® makes it easy.
Welding and crane service company that needs to be found to keep those cranes working. Our search optimized website is doing the trick.

Meet the Owner

Straightforward Kinda Guy

I’m Jeff, a small business owner just like you. And just like you I’ve busted my butt to get my business off the ground. And just like you I don’t have time for BS when it comes to marketing my awesome business.

That’s why I decided on a “No BS” approach when it comes to the process and pricing of building your website. I’m going to dazzle you with brilliance, not baffle you with BS.

Full-Time Nerd

HTML. Domains. Hosting. SEO. Digital Marketing. Where your eyes probably glaze over when you see or hear those words, I get a little excited. Not gonna lie. Seriously, though, I love the kinda nerdy nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes details that will make your website and online marketing goals a success.

Just Like You

At the end of the day, I’m just like you. I like playing with my dog, Annie, and watching James Bond save the world. I’m a trivia fanatic who just won’t give up Big Macs. And I’m ready to see you finally get to work with a web designer you can relate to.


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