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Straightforward Kinda Guy

I’m Jeff, a small business owner just like you. And just like you I’ve busted my butt to get my business off the ground. And just like you I don’t have time for BS when it comes to marketing my awesome business.

That’s why I decided on a “No BS” approach when it comes to the process and pricing of building your website. I’m going to dazzle you with brilliance, not baffle you with BS.

Full-Time Nerd

HTML. Domains. Hosting. SEO. Digital Marketing. Where your eyes probably glaze over when you see or hear those words, I get a little excited. Not gonna lie. Seriously, though, I love the kinda nerdy nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes details that will make your website and online marketing goals a success.

Just Like You

At the end of the day, I’m just like you. I like playing with my dog, Annie, and watching James Bond save the world. I’m a trivia fanatic who just won’t give up Big Macs. And I’m ready to see you finally get to work with a web designer you can relate to.

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