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website design1A lot of people can create a website. Heck, you could build your own website for free with the help of some of the new software out there (And you have plenty of time to try to figure that out, right? I mean, your business runs itself and requires no time or effort on your part). But what sets Dominion Marketing apart from those other solutions is that we know how to build a website that will convert window shoppers into customers or prospects into clients.

We understand that your website needs to do more than fill a vacant lot. It needs to generate new business and revenue and that’s the mindset we use when designing your site. We also understand small business budgets and we offer these services at a low initial investment and very low annual rates after the first year. You won’t pay us $60, $100 or $300 a month every month from now until the end of time!

Our sites are all built on the Joomla! architecture, a very popular and robust Content Management System platform that is Search-Engine-Friendly and extremely powerful. Joomla! is open source software, so we can keep my costs to you lower than design houses that build a website from scratch. However, don’t think for a minute that we churn out “cookie-cutter” websites. We use only RocketTheme templates which offer incredible flexibility for total design customization, making each site unique, professional and functional.

Check out our work, then contact us to set up a time for a short, no-pressure phone call to answer any questions you may have about developing a professional web presence for your business.

responsive-web-design-for-mobile-websitesAll of our new websites are designed to be 100% responsive and mobile search friendly. In other words, the websites will be viewable and more readily found on smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices. This is becoming more and more important, as over half of the searches done for local goods and services are done on mobile devices. Your customers are mobile. Your business needs to be mobile-friendly.


SEOAll of our websites are designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online conversions in mind. From site architecture to keyword integration to proper semantic markup, every design is carefully planned to ensure search results. Through the basic combination of optimized URLs, title pages, and the use of headings to emphasize keywords, we can achieve excellent results without additional services.

There are many techniques that can be used to optimize a website, but, if the original design and development are a mess, it makes optimization much more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Because we follow SEO best practices when designing and developing every site, you will not face those Search Engine Optimization problems down the road.