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SEO Lessons From A Broken Car Door

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Now, before we get started I want to make it clear that I'm no engineer. Websites, SEO, and marketing? Got ya covered! Automotive repair? Not so much.


Months ago the inside driver’s door handle on my car broke. For a while, I would roll down the window to open the door from the inside. It was inconvenient, but when it comes to things mechanical, I’m not all that savvy.

With winter coming I needed a better way to open my door, so I took off the door handle, rigged a small chain around the cable that opens the latch, then fed it through the opening by the handle and voila! A redneck rigging to be sure, but it got the job done.


Now, occasionally my wife will use my car. She drives the nice new one usually unless she’s going to buy plants, mulch, fertilizer, you know, dirty crap. Needless to say, she was not impressed with my solution and complained that the chain was too difficult for her to manage and continued to open the door by rolling down the window and reaching outside.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Good God, man take it in to get fixed!” Look, I’m cheap. My car is paid for and I hate putting money into it. Cars are just not that important to me. However, my wife is.


So, I order a new part, watch a YouTube video and I go out to fix it. Turns out it was an easy job and the part only cost about 18 bucks. Should have done it long ago, I know.

It didn’t all go smoothly, though. My quick and cheap fix with the chain caused some damage. The cable was badly worn and the manual locking lever on the door handle doesn’t work because of it. It still locks electronically but doesn’t work as it should. Eventually, I’m sure the worn cable will break and then I’ll really be up the proverbial tributary without the proper means of locomotion.


I tell you this story to illustrate how it can be with little or bad SEO when it comes to your website. The quick and cheap solutions can actually do damage to your site’s search ranking. Good SEO should begin in the design stage and continue being monitored, evaluated, and tweaked as Google is constantly modifying their search algorithm.

Look, my car is paid for so I began to take it for granted. I had gotten lax in regular care and maintenance. Seems dumb, I know, but so is building a website and neglecting the care and maintenance required to get and keep you showing up when people search for your goods or services.

The Internet is not the Yellow Pages. You don’t pay big money for a display ad and forget about it. Don’t be like I was about my car and take your website for granted. If you are it’s costing you sales and it’s costing you money.

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Jeff Barkacs

Jeff has been in advertising and marketing since 1988 when he started selling, writing, and producing TV spots for local cable insertion. From there he went on to work in radio, print, and specialty advertising. In 2002 he saw the future of marketing was digital. Since then he has worked exclusively in website design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. He's worn many hats in the industry and in life, as he is a victim of male pattern baldness. His favorites are fedoras.

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