Gotta Have Speed, Baby!

It's no secret that Google has been focused on getting marketers and site owners to improve mobile site experience for quite a while. And now, with almost 60% of searches done on mobile devices, it's more important than ever.

From an SEO standpoint not having a website that is responsive (mobile-friendly) is costing you money. Look, when people are ready to buy they search for the product or service that they need. They don't search in a book, they search on Google. It’s so common that “Googling” is now a part of our vocabulary.

Speed Matters

One of the important things that Google looks at in ranking a website is its load time on mobile devices. As a guideline, Google recommends that a site loads and becomes usable within 5 seconds on a mid-range mobile device with a 3G connection and within 3 seconds on a 4G connection.

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