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fearI read a great article in Entrepreneur magazine last night. It was about fighting the enemy of fear. For many of us entrepreneurial types we can get complacent and complacency leads to fear and fear, I have come to find out, can actually cause inaction. We get to the point where there is so much to do that we become overwhelmed and don't do anything. So, I appreciated the tips in the article, but I wanted to add some of my own.

Right now I am basically a one-man show. I sell the websites, I design the websites and I help maintain my clients existing websites. Sometimes the realization that it is just me against the world 9or seems to be) becomes too much for me to bear and I begin concentrating on the negatives and that old fear sets in. So here are few things that I do most days (admittedly, I need to be more consistent) and it truly does make a difference:

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